What the difference a year makes

The thing about blogging is you have to be inspired to write for it to be worth it. I kept a blog for a year whilst working out, changing my lifestyle and preparing for our wedding My Operation Wedding Dress 

I then moved onto Google+ because the blogger app for Android was useless, but I don’t like using that as it feels disjointed; so I’ve found this new app that interacts with blogger so I will give it a go..

Here’s a brief history:
2011 – met the man of my dreams Mr Thomas Burgin
2011 to 2012 – we got very drunk and very fat!
2012 – Jan 1st to be precise – we decided that we needed to not be fat
2012 РTom moved to Cheshire from Lincolnshire 
2013 – summer – we got engaged
2014 – best wedding ever and 6 stone combined weight loss
2014 – autumn – baby boy Burgin was created
2015 – right now I am 39 weeks +2 eek!

So, now we are all caught up, I can also give a brief rundown of me.

I absolutely love nutrition, I have just completed a science foundation course in my own time and got a B, which I am pretty chuffed with. This is a prelude to a nutritional therapy degree.

Said degree is on hold currently as I have just started maternity leave and I want to focus on our little family first.

I have worked incredibly hard over the past ten years or more to change the things I dislike about myself and the icing on the cake was finding Tom. He has helped me address the outstanding issues I had and I am really proud of who I am now.

I work as a Service Desk Manager for an IT solutions company based in Manchester and I love it. I’ve been there for 18months and I have grown tenfold in that time and I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved, especially in the last 6 months.

I owned horses for the last 27 years, Tom embraced this life and learnt to ride and we have had some great times out riding together, but we sold the remaining horses when we found out we were pregnant, I don’t have a single second of regret.

Going from a busy job to maternity leave, before baby arrives is HARD!

The point of this blog is to track our new adventure and all that goes along with being first time parents. Neither of us have a clue what we are doing but excitement and passion will take us all the way.

I hope you enjoy hearing all about us and our amazing little life!