Mindful Mummy 

And daddy, but it would ruin the alliteration! We are off to a talk about mindful parenting in town and I am currently sat waiting for Tom to finish work and thought I would treat myself :

It’s only a shandy, so thats OK.. Sort of! It’s been a tough week and I deserve it. 

The little dude is with Mamaa and G-Pops tonight and we will undoubtedly miss him terribly as always! The thought of a night off always seems exciting at the time, but when you have gotten to the point where your lives are just merged so seamlessly, the reality is you miss the other part of you so much,  you tend to not do it all that often. Tom and I are like that with each other, so it’s not a new thing to us! Massive babies basically. 

We are off to 1847 for tea, pretty excited about that. It will be the first official vegetarian/vegan restaurant we have been to so we are intrigued by how creative it could potentially be. 

The talk is being run by Brahma Kumaris which is a group that class themselves as a spiritualist movement. As much as I regularly read about mindfulness and inner peace, I have never actually been to a talk like this, so I am really looking forward to it.. And it’s free, bonus! 



Our first milk run arrives today! Unfortunately, I didn’t realise they would send it out so quickly and I’m not in work until tomorrow! 

I’ve never handled raw milk before, so it really is a new journey for us. I have only read you shouldn’t consume it because of bacteria, but everything I have read into this time says that isn’t an issue as dairies and the animals are cleaner, healthier environments now. I wish I wasn’t nervous about it, I really want to get Leo onto it but the jury is still out there! 

I’ve been reading about how easy it is to make cottage cheese from fresh milk, butter looks somewhat more involved but I think I will still have a crack at it. I can also then get whey out of it and I am considering looking into drying that for powder to have as a boost, but I haven’t really investigated that yet.