The joys

I forgot the never ending torment of ‘has my baby kicked recently’ that haunts my every second of pregnancy. Even when it has moved, I then convince myself the movement is weaker.

I went in once with Leo for reduced movement and he was fine. This time, you battle the worry that you’re dismissing something because the first time was fine.

I’m pretty sure most mums have the same thoughts, potentially not as frequently as me and my catastrophic thought process.. It’s really quite draining!


Lost my way

Whilst dying with crappy morning sickness, I seem to have got out of the habit of practicing positive discipline as well as I could have done. Leo brought it to my attention when I realised his change of temperament needed a different approach. He’s been a little more tempestuous than he has before, all standard developmental stuff but the handling of it still needed thinking about.

I’ve been listening to my positive discipline parenting tools book again and it has just reminded me of the simple things. He’s definitely incredibly responsive to the approach, and who can blame him!

I need to get myself back in track, improve our connection and get it right before his little sister joins us!