Such a dummy

Leo has only ever uses a dummy in bed and in the car. We only resorted to it for bed when he was really poorly and just wanted to comfort suck on me, I couldn’t sustain the demand through sheer fatigue so we relented. The car, desperation won out here because he was horrific in the car. Sometimes I couldn’t drive 10 mins up the road without having to stop because of a full on meltdown.

Anyway, that’s my justification out of the way! Now onto the progression. I know the reasons for stopping using it because of teeth, I also know that we have always followed our instincts on everything with Leo, and we weren’t about to change that.

We started out not using it in the car, there were a few minor complaints but nothing major. We then went away to Norfolk for a week and his sleep just went awry. Off the back of that I decided we could ride out a dummy withdrawal at the same time. He’s a pretty understanding toddler with most things when you take the time to discuss it with him and choose when is right for you all, rather than bending to criticism.. Not that I have ever actually received any regarding this, other than of myself!

As we have always shied away from making up pointless stories to bend him to our will, as we totally disagree with the dishonesty and bribery aspects of parenting: we simply explained that we wouldn’t be using a dummy anymore as it can be bad for his teeth and we feel that he does such a good job of sleeping now that it’s time to give it up.

He had said twice that he misses his dummy, and that is it. I’m so impressed with him and once again, I firmly believe if you trust your instincts and your child then you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Who knows if temperament is involved in the process, but I believe whole heartedly in our approach, regardless of temperament.


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