Nesting overdrive

My morning sickness passed, I had about two weeks of ‘normal’ me and then boom.. The nesting instinct went INSANE!

I never really had the opportunity to do much nesting with my first pregnancy as we were still living with mum and dad. This time, wow. I wish I could be this motivated all the time! Since moving in over a year ago, we have done very little as far as decorating, and suddenly I find that incredibly annoying.

I’ve painted the big bathroom, recovered its blind and refurbed the horrible wall art that came with the house.

I’ve started sanding the outside bench, I’ve rearranged the house plants, I’ve made reusable bin liners, I’ve blitzed the garage, recovered the hall table and two of the bedside tables because they were both really dull, sorted out storage for the downstairs toilet, got back into making my lunches from scratch and buying wonderful, plastic free vegetables and I’ve written a massive lists of tasks for Tom and myself. Lots to do in the next 5 months.

It’s just annoying that work is stopping me from doing it all constantly!


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