Plastic free – the beginning

I’ve always had a level of environmental awareness as my mum has always been big on it. We have always made a point to further recycling any materials we could and did attempt to use reusable bags (when we remembered to take them!) I opted for reusable nappies for Leo too for environmental reasons.

I have also been interested in reducing our chemical uses and make my own moisturiser to avoid the crap filled mainstream ones. We opted for Faith in Nature bathroom products to reduce chemicals there too.

However, one of my close friends reignited my interest in reducing my plastic waste and the knock on effect of this has been to further reduce my chemical exposures too.

So far we have gone for the easy targets in the kitchen, of supermarket fruit and veg: we now shop at the local grocery and nothing is pre wrapped.

I have made reusable bin liners, granted they are made from ripstop fabric that contains plastic, but I figured that’s better than the single use plastic bags and I only wipe them down rather than wash. This stops the addition of plastic fibers in the water systems.

In hind site, when I make more, I think I will just make them out of cotton and dip them in beeswax. I hadn’t thought of that and I just need to work out the logistics of melting enough beeswax to ‘dip’ the cloth into, without destroying me, my kitchen and most of the surrounding area!

I’ve made beeswax wraps, ridiculously easy. I purchased organic and undyed cotton for Leo’s sandwich pouches so that no dye would leach onto them, but the discolour with the beeswax and look rubbish! So I have organic cotton with a pattern on it too, I’m just trying to find something that uses natural dye rather than something horrible leaching out. This is a work in progress!

The bathroom is another easy target. I have swapped to shampoo bars and absolutely love them! You can find ones that have no plastic in the wrapper and send out in paper. Razors are another easy target. I’ve switched to a metal safety razor with disposable blades. Obviously, the answer would be ipil all over but I can’t have that whilst I’m pregnant so will save up for when I’m not. Or not shave, which I hate!

Interdental brushes are to be replaced with wooden sticks you can get and floss has a non plastic alternative too. We don’t intend to just bin the plastic items we have right now, that silly logic and a waste of money.

Toothpaste is tricky, I can’t bring myself to move us away from fluoride. I know it’s a contentious issue amongst many, but I also know it is incredibly good at preventing cavities. All of the toothpaste that is crap free and plastic free is also fluoride free of course. I just don’t feel confident enough to risk Leo’s young teeth though!

There are tonnes of other things I’m looking to do, it’s all about not over facing us right now and taking one step at a time. Otherwise, you risk putting yourself off entirely.


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