Back on track

I was always pretty environmentally conscious as my mum has always been that way inclined. I use reusable nappies on Leo and I try and be good when it comes to selecting products and making what I can (this was more from a reduction of chemicals onto my skin than environmental however).

One of my friends recently mentioned that they were trying to cut down on plastic in their daily life, so I decided to review and was horrified with my findings. We are slaves to the plastic.

I’ve made some beeswax wrap for fridge items and we have purchased some reusable baking tray liners to eliminate cling film and tin foil use. I’ve made Leo a reusable sandwich bag too for when he has lunches at forest school.

I have ordered materials to make reusable bin liners and reusable toilet and kitchen paper too. My latest quest is on the shampoo bar market. Can I find one that doesn’t have either palm oil or castor oil in it? Yes, but it is packaged in plastic and they don’t give you an option for it not to be. My issue with castor oil is that I am pregnant and I don’t know if it is safe even just as a shampoo. I know it absolutely isn’t as massage oil or orally.

It really isn’t easy finding options to suit the planet, the animals and you! Arrgghhhhh


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