Follow the leader

We’ve always taken the stance that we will follow Leo’s lead when it comes to changes/phases. Be it sleeping, eating, socialising and joining in with activities: we have always been guided by him rather than social pressures.

It has done us well throughout. He was always cautious about new situations, so we chose them carefully and never forced anything on him. If he just wanted to sit on the sidelines and observe, that’s what we did whilst one of us would go off and partake so he could see what it was all about. In the last few months he’s completely come out of his shell where that is concerned and it was all on his own terms with no associated anxiety.

He has decided to potty train himself now too. I had no intention of doing anything until summer because of the faff of layers yet he has decided that he will start using the potty at nursery and forest school and eventually, at home. I am resisting the urge to push it and he’s doing well.

It definitely pays to fight the frowns when it comes to your babies


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