Back on track

I was always pretty environmentally conscious as my mum has always been that way inclined. I use reusable nappies on Leo and I try and be good when it comes to selecting products and making what I can (this was more from a reduction of chemicals onto my skin than environmental however).

One of my friends recently mentioned that they were trying to cut down on plastic in their daily life, so I decided to review and was horrified with my findings. We are slaves to the plastic.

I’ve made some beeswax wrap for fridge items and we have purchased some reusable baking tray liners to eliminate cling film and tin foil use. I’ve made Leo a reusable sandwich bag too for when he has lunches at forest school.

I have ordered materials to make reusable bin liners and reusable toilet and kitchen paper too. My latest quest is on the shampoo bar market. Can I find one that doesn’t have either palm oil or castor oil in it? Yes, but it is packaged in plastic and they don’t give you an option for it not to be. My issue with castor oil is that I am pregnant and I don’t know if it is safe even just as a shampoo. I know it absolutely isn’t as massage oil or orally.

It really isn’t easy finding options to suit the planet, the animals and you! Arrgghhhhh


Defer or don’t

Leo is a July baby and we were happy that we were going to defer his starting school until his 5th year instead of 4th.

I stupidly made the mistake of looking into it again the other day and it made me wobble. Claims that their high speed learning brains would stagnate and its the worst thing to do.

As with everything you decide to research, you spend a million hours going around in circles and confusing and doubting yourself more than ever. Especially when it’s your most precious little persons future you’re basically taking a gamble on!

This was driving me mad whilst driving to work this morning and it dawned on me that, should he have been born 6 weeks later, it wouldn’t be a thing. He wouldn’t be going to school until he was 5 and that would be that. However, he would have to have been born just over 11 months earlier to fit into the 5 year old group he would be going into.

On this, we have decided to leave him until he is 5. He can play until his heart is content until then and that be that. Pretty sure it I will continue to question my logic that I have done an oh so bad job of explaining on here!

Follow the leader

We’ve always taken the stance that we will follow Leo’s lead when it comes to changes/phases. Be it sleeping, eating, socialising and joining in with activities: we have always been guided by him rather than social pressures.

It has done us well throughout. He was always cautious about new situations, so we chose them carefully and never forced anything on him. If he just wanted to sit on the sidelines and observe, that’s what we did whilst one of us would go off and partake so he could see what it was all about. In the last few months he’s completely come out of his shell where that is concerned and it was all on his own terms with no associated anxiety.

He has decided to potty train himself now too. I had no intention of doing anything until summer because of the faff of layers yet he has decided that he will start using the potty at nursery and forest school and eventually, at home. I am resisting the urge to push it and he’s doing well.

It definitely pays to fight the frowns when it comes to your babies

Guilty pregnancy

This entire pregnancy, I am wracked with guilt because I am not as fit and healthy as I was with number one and my diet absolutely blows this time. I’m not eating anything I shouldn’t, but feeling like shit constantly has resulted in the least balanced diet in the world and way too many calories.

I keep trying to reason with myself, that so many people aren’t peak fitness and have happy, healthy babies all the time. This still sits uncomfortably with me, if there is the slightest issue I will definitely be blaming myself!

Number 2

We have second baby Burgin in the oven and this one has killed me and is still doing a pretty good job of wiping me out.

I’ve struggled with all day nausea, major fatigue (I kept having to stop on the drive to work for a nap!) total apathy to life and now, daily headaches and digestive drama.. But hey, I don’t feel sick a day.

All I have been able to eat is fat and carbs, I don’t even dare get on the scales and I feel gross. I have just been struggling to exist so have avoided the gym and tried my hardest to ignore the guilt. I am starting to feel a little less deathly but the headaches aren’t great. I hate taking stuff so I have booked in with my chiro to see if it’s related to something in my back. It feels like a caffeine withdrawal headache but I stopped drinking caffeine before I got pregnant.

We had the dating scan last week, September 3rd for this one. I got it to the 13th, I’d imagine this one will be as late as its Bro! My money is on a girl, but then the first trimester torture could simply be because I’m not peak physical fitness and health as I was with Leo.