Oh how time flies

I haven’t written a post since September, work and life have just been getting in the way.  I started a new job in July and it is really consuming me.  What I thought when I returned to work after my maternity, was that I didn’t enjoy being there because the company had changed so much in the year that I was out and they had basically modelled it around me not being there.  Whilst that in itself is highly illegal as far as maternity rights goes, who can really face that battle?

Anyway, that behind me, what I now realise is that isn’t all that it was. I actually thoroughly dislike being in the corporate world now. I hate that it takes me away from my child, I hate that I have to interact with negative bullies on a daily basis, rather than with my amazing child and husband and I just hate how much of my time and energy is wasted on people who don’t deserve it.

I fully intend to rectify this.  During my journey through motherhood, I have gained a massive interest in child development and positive parenting.  So much so that I would like to progress with a career in this path.  Whilst this is going to be a long process,  the start of this is a Parent Educator course that I will be doing in January with the Positive Discipline association.  This will enable me to teach other parents how to adopt this process and make their life and their children’s lives something special and remove the negativity and frustration from their day to day.  It just works, it works so well I don’t understand why this approach isn’t adopted more.. In fact, I say that, but I do understand why it isn’t adopted more: People are inherently lazy, anything that requires more than no effort is dismissed and there is no denying it is hard work. (but insanely rewarding)

I am also studying as many child development courses as I can, whilst they don’t carry mainstream accreditation, they are from registered universities and I feel they will give me the insight I need to decide if I would like to attempt to pursue a degree in this field. My current feeling is something neuroscience based, my limitations are finances, so this is something that is a long way down the line for me but doesn’t mean I can’t pursue this career path in the meantime.

I have been seeing a psychotherapist for the last few months to help me deal with my crippling self doubt, whilst I wouldn’t go into details on here for many reasons, I feel that too many people shy away from repairing themselves in this way.  It will only benefit me when it comes to something as big as a career change and also, it will benefit how my child sees life and motivation and it is this that drives me daily.  I want him to accept who he is and live with peace in his soul, to do that, I need to do that.