In the blink of an eye 

Our little boy is 2! I haven’t blogged for ages either, it’s just been a whirlwind of everything recently.. Changing jobs, studying for my wellness coaching, birthday parties and now: poorly baby. Coughing his head off so time for some blogging!

He just gets more and more amazing as every day goes by. The capability of children just blows my mind. They are these wonderfully receptive, uninhibited little bodies and they are just amazing. 

I am so glad we made the choice to be respectful parents, there is never a time that approach has
 let us down, and I really feel it’s worth the hours and hours of reading and the hard work it takes to not default to the easy reaction, to not give in to your triggers.. Especially when you are shattered and feel bad for leaving them all the time.

We have been in the wars this weekend. New wellies = inability to judge how high feet need to come when running at full kilter. He had his first experience of properly scratching his knees, and it won’t be his last. He fell flat on his face at nursery and got a nose bleed, that won’t be his last either! 

I am gutted that I didn’t get a single picture of his birthday or the cakes I made! That’s basically unheard of for me but I was so busy running around and Tom was being Leo’s comfort blanket for the first couple of hours. It went well though. Tents, balloons, food, water and chalk, what more do you need! 


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