So gladĀ 

We decided some time ago, that we wanted Leo to go to forest school. Our reasons at that point were that we wanted Leo to be able to run free and feral as much as possible, because who doesn’t love being filthy and running around! 

We found one that was a little out of our way, so we couldn’t go for it logistically until either Tom or our found a new job or adjusted our hours. I have a new job, we got a second car and Tom has had more working from home days authorised, which meant we are good to go. 

When we went to meet the team, I was absolutely blown away. They handle with children in all thewya I want. Their approach is that of trust and respect, everything is explained and discussed and no matter what occurs, it is a positive learning opportunity for them. They do home cooked, proper vegan food every day and easily accommodate refined sugar free requests. They only use reusable wipes rather than disposable and just basically match all I can dream of. My only regret is that he can’t go for all of his sessions! 

Children of all ages mix together and it’s just so idilic, I’m so excited. 

He had his first settle in morning on Friday, Tom stayed and Leo basically legged it off to our play and didn’t come back until food time. Everything Tom experienced whilst he was there was so refreshing, even when there was a disagreement between clan members, it was takeout and handled in the exact way that we want. As much as I am dreading the thought of having to do difficult drop offs, I now feel that it will become a positive learning experience for Leo. 

Whilst his other nursery is brilliant, it isn’t forest school and I feel so bad that he is palmed off at nursery every day for long hours, I feel considerably better knowing that he will now have such hugely positive people to help him along. 


F%&k off with the labelsĀ 

Leo is naturally cautious with new situations. He likes to take it all in before he decides whether or not he is interested. If he is, he’s right in the thick of it. If he’s not, he’s not. 

In today’s society, there seems to be a stigma around the word shy, it seems that it is something you should be ashamed of, something you should rid yourself of by immersion and forced exposure. 

We were at a children’s party on Saturday and as expected, it was pretty frenetic. One of our more exuberant ‘friends’ was there and he came over to me and with the most pitying look and tone, ask me if Leo was OK, is he just shy? 

Mamma bear fury kicked in and he was lucky I didn’t slap the stupid out of him, there is a turbulent history that we share (I think he’s a total cock) so this won’t have helped my response a great deal. I found myself defending Leo, like there was something wrong with him. This did not help my mood. 

The fact that I let some short sighted neanderthal back me into doing something that then makes feel like I have an issue with any element of my wonder angel, infuriates me more than anything. I feel like I have let him down. 
I don’t like people labelling my child for something that is just him and nothing to be ashamed of, the thought of that hurting him is like a knife through the heart.