Spring No 2


It’s the little man’s second spring and what a difference a year in the life of a little person makes.


Here he is loving his sand pit last year, we were still living with Grandma She-She and G-Pops then.

A beautiful April then and a beautiful April again this year.

We are in our own home and Leo is well and truly into the boundaries stage: and  still loving the sand! He wasn’t so sure about the cold on his little bare tootsies at first.


He soon got into the swing of things though!  You will have to excuse my wet knees, I forgot how to adult whilst playing with him and kept spilling my drink all down me!)

I have some pretty grand ideas about how we are going to turn the back garden into this amazing imagination play ground.  I can get old tyres from my boss who races cars, so we plan on making a tyre climbing frame of some sort as well as a further sand pit to expand this one into.  I am hoping we can make a little beach style area around the sandpits too as I get the feeling it is going to end up as one either way! Tom is currently outside, painting some boards with magnetic chalk board paint and these will be going up along the fence for whatever takes the imagination.

There is going to be some kind of water fall network on the fence too, what kids don’t love playing with water and watching things float along?!  I know I do and I supposedly not a kid anymore.

Leo’s personality is just getting bigger and bigger by the day, along with that are the more complex emotions. I hate the word tantrum and I also hate the way we call it the terrible two’s. Neither of these words do this phase any justice, which is why I like how the Norwegian’s refer to it as The Boundaries Stage.  It is the time of immense emotional growth, of discovery, of neurological amazement and I absolutely love it.  Each time we come across a difficult moment, it is a chance to bond more and learn along the way.  It’s challenging on all involved but a huge privileged at the same time.  Here we are, just the three of us: taking a journey that none of us have any experience of or really any idea of what we are doing and it is incredible.. every tear soaked moment of it, every quiver of a bottom lip and every fierce cuddle so deep and loving that it makes your heart burst.  Our little boy is growing, he is learning all about his world and how amazing life is. He is amazing and our little trio is doing a pretty sterling job so far I reckon!


Car playground.  The latest obsession
Life lesson: place pouch in mouth before squeezing




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