I am doing a course in my own time and one of the assignments is to write a piece reflecting on your mindset towards health, disease and wellness. It’s really damned hard! One thing I have realised though, with this and witnessing the tragic death of a pedestrian a week or so ago, is that no matter how much I want to help people, you can’t help them all. Everyone has access to the same materials I do, there are plenty of resources available to the masses and it isn’t a trapping of the rich either. 

I was considering running a road safety awareness course in the area to remind people to wear reflective gear and be responsible for their own life. If you can’t do that anyway, then I would say the chance of you paying attention to something I spent all my none existent time organising, is basically next to none. As far as people who can’t help themselves, that’s different, I still need to arrange a car seat safety awareness drive but that will be for the kids sake, not the parents. 

There is no excuse for ignorance in this day and age, I appreciate that understanding and filtering through the shit takes time, but if anything is worth it I would say it’s your very existence! I just need to keep on doing what I am doing and hopefully, just by being knowledgeable and doing things right, the people that count will benefit and anyone else is just a bonus. 

That doesn’t mean I’m selfish, it just makes me real. 


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