To hold back? 

As usual for me, I’ve been doing some thinking and some reading.. This time it’s regarding the holding back a year from starting school. 

Leo is a July baby and in England, you have the right to delay the start of school until later in the year or for an entire year if that’s what you choose. 

Everyone I speak to has said you will know if they’re ready to move into big school. Readiness isn’t my concern, Leo has no issues being around other kids in busy environments. He takes his time to warm up, but I don’t feel it affects him. Our issue is with the exposure to examinations and criteria that is aimed at children 10 months further on in their learning and development journey and it is this I feel will be detrimental. 

There are plenty of research papers out there, citing evidence to prove that it is always a good idea to hold them back, the restriction on most people is the cost of nursery in doing this. This is also a concern for us, if we stick to the plan to have another baby, this would mean that we could have a year of paying double nursery fees. 

I refuse to let this be the reason, I’d rather eat gruel and only do free things for a year and benefit Leo for the rest of his life. Delaying me getting pregnant by another year isn’t something we feel is an option, whilst the first time was immediate, I’m not getting any younger and I just don’t want to wait. What will be will be and we will find a way somehow if we decide that’s the way to go. 

We will be met with opposition, for that I am prepared, but Leo’s learning journey is all we care about and we are the only people who matter in this decision at the end of the day. As with every decision we make, we just want to be informed and we have the time to make the right choice. 


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