The rhythm 

It’s been a really tough 6 months for me, going back to work full time after a year out is a huge upheaval, not what I expected in any way. Dragging yourself back into the real world after the cozy little bubble of maternity is an unbelievable shock to the system. You forget how to adult and you don’t realise how working your way through the ranks of your chosen field, gradually eyes you into the mindset you require to be a manager and then BANG, you’re suddenly a first line engineer in a management role. HUGE deal. 

I finally feel like it’s switching back on, there has been some rearranging at work which seems to be working really well and was the discipline I needed back in my life. 

Leo absolutely loves nursery and is coping much better with the long days, so I get a happy little bundle at night rather than a my little limpet. I have to add I don’t mind that, if that is what he needs, but it doesn’t stop it being exhausting after a day in the office! 


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