Thinking is hard. Sarah and I have recently been talking a lot about how we differ in the thinking stakes. Sarah likes to think, it seems, approximately 100% of the time about everything. I  meanwhile seem to think mostly when I need to and not a second more. 

Neither of these solutions seem optimal, so we’re working on how to balance them out. Meditation is a good starting point. For me, it’s a time of engaging my brain fully and filling it with thoughts of recent events and family, casting aside any work or noise. For Sarah, it’s a time to quiet her mind, focusing entirely on her breathing and current state. It’s an interesting difference and midpoint. 

The thing I love about Sarah so much is she is not fixed. She is fluid, moving towards a goal that is not fixed but constantly shifting, always further away. I need to adopt such a practice, as I tend towards the easy, hence the bursty thinking levels. Perhaps 100 is the wrong level of usage for long term happiness for me, but maybe aiming for 90 us sensible. 

Things to do: learn to mediate my responses; become more aware of the social impact of my actions; improve my technical skills for work to reduce any friction caused by lack of understanding; hit my fitness and health goals. 

It’s a lot to do, but I have time. It balances out. 


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