I think this is the most restful nights sleep I have had in 17 months and it feels wonderful! However, little man’s next set of teeth are starting to bud, so I am guessing it’s the calm before the storm!

There is so much progression in general going on, he’s such a little boy now and he just makes me so proud.

We have been discharged from the clinic for his coughing issue now, which is great news and whilst we were at the hospital, he desperately didn’t want to give up a little car that he found in the play area. I just asked him to put it back as it lived there and we were going home and he said no. So I just explained it again and asked him to put it back and say bye bye to it.. And he did. It sounds so small, but before making the decision on how I want to parent based on respect and age appropriate approaches based on their stage of brain development, I would have just taken it off him and he would’ve been distraught. He had a similar thing with his cousins car and I asked him to give it back to him, and he toddled off.. So cute. I am also under no illusions that it will always be so simple and as his emotions increase in complexity, so will his will but I am adamant we will continue to manage everything in this style.


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