Adventure time

Today’s little outing was Formby beach. It has always been one of my favourite beaches, I used to take the horses there as a teenager and we regularly went dog walking there over the years. Tom has taken on the love of it too and we will obviously be exposing Leo to it as much as humanly possible.

The air seems more comforting somehow, almost softer.. Very strange I know, but it does, even when the sea is tempestuous and dark and the beach windswept and ragged, it’s still comforting to me and exhilarating. If it wasn’t so darned expensive around there I would be there without a thought.

Leo of course loved it. We took him for his birthday, but he is a very different little man now and water and mucky sand are just the best combination of things in a little boys world, well, this little toddler’s world anyway!

I think he would’ve stayed there all day if we’d let him. He was a little disgruntled to leave even though his little hands were like ice cubes!

Successful Sundaying


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