They’re cancelled!

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I’ve been really poorly AGAIN and then Leo has too. He was up all night on Christmas eve, vomiting. I couldn’t eat anything Christmas day and I haven’t had a single alcoholic beverage the entire break! I know, what a nightmare.

I am constantly coughing at night and Leo now has an ear and chest infection. Luckily, we spotted the signs and quickly got him some antibiotics, but it’s not the Christmas we had planned. We haven’t made it over to Bourne to see the rest of the family, as night times are hard enough over there when we are well! But it was the right decision.

We just had to cancel out Nye plans as I’m coughing all night, Leo is still disrupted and Nic, our friend who we were going to go and see is also struggling with this latest lurgie.. Basically a write off of all things planned!

We’ve managed some lovely days out though; Blue Planet Aquarium, Chester Zoo, walking in the local area, so all has not been lost. It’s just been incredibly tough on Tom as he had to do the lion’s share of caring for a poorly baby. He’s had some fun with the little man whilst I snooze though!

Enjoying a croissant in the big boys chair at John Lewis


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