Being present

One thing I have to work really hard on now I am back working, is being truly present when I pick Leo up after a day in the office. Leaving all the detritus of the day behind is a real work of art, which sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But how many of us could hand on heart say we do that.

When you are with your children, do you truly take your time to just absorb them and what they are doing, or does your mind wander off to a different place. When they come and cuddle you, do you allow them to dictate that cuddle or do you break away because you are trying to get things done, or ‘need’ to check social media?

It sounds stupid, but I have to force myself to drop the thoughts and want to check out instagram whilst he is playing, just because it is a habit like any other. I make sure I constantly check myself when he is being a little bit demanding and I have had a bad day, those are the true testing moments, putting that layer in place to make sure you are at your best when you feel your worst, because that is when they truly need you.

I’m incredibly lucky to have an amazing husband, who shares the childcare load and then some. This makes achieving the above a million times easier.

However, something occurred to me the other day. Do I make sure I make the effort to be present with Tom. We talk about everything that troubles me, so he is well aware of the struggles I have with things, but does he truly get my presence these days.. No, I don’t think so. I am always rushing to get things done, or get to bed, or just talk about my world, that I do break away from cuddles, I do spend my time thinking about work and my current fitness struggle and baby etc, etc, when I am with him and I don’t truly listen and absorb him. Being the perfect pants that he is, he points out that he is a mature mind and has the ability to understand situations and know that there are other things in my world that cause distraction, but I still think it’s worth the effort to take time between my lamenting and musing to truly just be with him.

As with everyone you hold dear, it’s those close and connected moments that make your world go round. Sadly, they are fewer than the moments that cause frustration and annoyance, as you are at work or away from your special people more than you are with them. So take the time to indulge, absorb every aspect of those moments into your soul, as it is those moments that keep you strong.


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