It’s addictive

The first few months with your baby are mind blowing, serene, sleep deprived moments you will cherish forever. As they become a toddler, the time becomes something bigger. You didn’t think you could love them more, but everything they do makes your heart swell more and more.

Watching Leo is addictive, interactions are insane and unclear and wild and free, all at the same time. They’re understanding you, you’re understanding them a little, they have a will, a mission and so, so much to teach us if we take the time to watch.

For me, the addiction is in their freedom. No bitterness, no worries, no troubling thoughts weighing them down, no insecurities or self doubt and it’s just the most beautiful thing to see and be a part of. It also makes me want to fiercely protect it, although I know I can’t forever.

I want him to stay wild, stay free of these daily norms that plague me at least, I can’t talk for others!

There is a mission in everything he does, he seems to know just what he wants to do even though it seems totally bonkers to us. He has full blown conversations with us that make perfect sense to him and it’s adorable. Watching him regularly moves me to tears because I love him so much, crazy woman. He is the icing on our cake, he is the product of the amazing relationship that is Tom and me and it just blows my mind daily where we are! It’s a shame so many seem to wander through life with children, without stopping to absorb their greatness.


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