Merry Christmas

No, I haven’t gone totally nuts just yet! We had early Christmas with the Burgin side of the family. Tom’s sister, Holly, is going working in the ski resorts over Christmas so we all got together this weekend.

It was touch and go if we were going to make it as Leo was really poorly with a high temperature on Thursday and Friday, but he perked up enough to go we decided.

Party in the fire place!

It was great to see everyone and Leo was mostly happy, although as usual he struggled to settle to sleep there frustratingly. I think we need to get a better mattress for the travel cot, Tom and I went to bed really early as he was so unsettled and he ended up coming in to bed with us.

Christmas jumpers, and a sweat band obvs

He’s so much more aware of his environment and he really takes his time to warm up to people. He likes to sit and observe and then come out of his shell a little at a time, that is something we will make sure we work with whenever he is in a new situation and we will certainly never force him out of that as we are both fairly introverted so understand it well.


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