I got my first taste of baby rejection the other day and it was tough.  Leo was upset about something and he just kept pushing me away and wanting Daddy.

All other times something like that has happened he has always come to me, but he has really started favouring Tom recently and it hurts.. stupidly I know, but it does.

I am having to fight my childish impulses to just reject him back, which in itself is absolutely ludicrous, but I guess its a sort of self defence mechanism.  I know that if I give in to that I will just create a connection gap where there isn’t one.  Why does he choose Tom over me? I have no idea, maybe I do the less fun things with him or maybe he just prefers his dad.  Human nature will always make us favour one person over all others and I guess I just need to accept that and remember my job is to guide and develop him through life and not be his best mate above all others and the sooner I get used to that the less painful it will be each time it happens.

My focus is help him be an amazing, confident and happy person and so far, he is just that.


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