It’s got me good!

I haven’t been this poorly for about 12 years. I distinctly remember that, it was new year and I had horrific bronchitis, I ended up having to go on oxygen at the hospital.

I think I now have sinusitis, its like nothing I have ever felt in my life. There is what feels like insane pressure all over my cheek bones, my jaw, my head and, my teeth; wow they are insanely painful. I feel like I have pins and needles all over my body and keep switching hot then freezing and NOTHING is touching it!

I’ve had to take the day off work, which is most unlike me, but it’s just insane how much this hurts and I can’t sleep it off either, it’s that painful.

I have the docs at 10.50, Tom has had to work from home to take me as I just can’t face driving. Tough times


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