Not quite what we had planned

We took a week off this week to sort everything in the house and start with some decorating, it’s not quite gone to plan! We have all been mega poorly and I have had a worse cold than has hit me for a long, long time! Such is life.

Leo was at the docs today as he hasn’t really eaten all week, the doc wasn’t worried though. She does seem to think his throat was a bit sore.

Whilst he was there, we asked her to check out his eyes. Mum noticed a slight squint a few weeks ago and I have just been obsessed with it ever since so thought it was worth a check. She has referred him to a specialist as she said she isn’t qualified to deal with that type of thing.

The house really feels like home, regardless of the lack of work done this week! Having the space is so relaxing, it’s amazing we lasted so long!


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