We’re in!

We moved into our new home on Saturday, it’s bloody brilliant! Leo slept like a log on Saturday night, but has coughed his way through the night ever since.. Ah!

It’s so amazing having our own space finally, somewhere we can really personalise and make our own. The only problem is that every waking hour I have, which is currently about 19 a day, my mind is racing with ideas. I don’t get to do anything thinking about it at work actually, so that takes the figure down by 7 hours.. But still, if I happen to wake in the night, even if Leo isn’t coughing, I’m awake then with my mind buzzing!

To make the logistics of picking up the can work, we cycled into Manchester on Friday. It’s been over 2 years since I last got on my bike and I loved it. It’s basically impossible to do more times than not due to nurse commitments, but that’s just how it is and we will do it whenever possible. Leo was going to stay at grandma’s sometimes in the week, but it’s just not possible whilst he’s coughing all the time. I don’t feel like it’s fair on mum to expect her to sit up all night with him.

It’s Wednesday today, so managed an early gym session. I’ve forgotten everything I need and lost the end of earphones, so not really the morning I wanted.. But I’m here!


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