Our little toddler

There is just so much personality now, it makes me want to burst. Just silly little things that I never imagined would make my heart melt: he has started copying blowing his food after I do, he does things he knows makes us laugh, getting excited when he sees an aeroplane and exclaiming ‘pwee’, suddenly deciding he wants to wear a cap that he has hated every other time he has seen it.. It’s all just amazing to be part of, and terrifying all at the same time. He’s growing up so fast!

You can really see the understanding of his environment now, the understanding of language and communication and cause and effect. The learning of routines and knowing how to ask for things he would enjoys. It’s truly amazing what happens in such a short time. It’s beautiful


Just what the doctor ordered

I think the best way to get better is to be up with a vomiting child, don’t you? Twice the poor little babe has had to be changed now, I’ve told Tom to go to bed as I can’t get to sleep anyway.

It always seems to be that he gets sick the night after a really settled night, no idea what that is about but at least it gives us a sleep catch up before the next round, normally! I managed 5 broken hours yesterday and half a hour in the day today. I can’t say I’m feeling tip top but I don’t feel as uncomfortable as I did earlier, just still uncomfortable enough to not sleep.

I do love these night time cuddles, I just with I wasn’t so tired every time!

It’s got me good!

I haven’t been this poorly for about 12 years. I distinctly remember that, it was new year and I had horrific bronchitis, I ended up having to go on oxygen at the hospital.

I think I now have sinusitis, its like nothing I have ever felt in my life. There is what feels like insane pressure all over my cheek bones, my jaw, my head and, my teeth; wow they are insanely painful. I feel like I have pins and needles all over my body and keep switching hot then freezing and NOTHING is touching it!

I’ve had to take the day off work, which is most unlike me, but it’s just insane how much this hurts and I can’t sleep it off either, it’s that painful.

I have the docs at 10.50, Tom has had to work from home to take me as I just can’t face driving. Tough times

Not quite what we had planned

We took a week off this week to sort everything in the house and start with some decorating, it’s not quite gone to plan! We have all been mega poorly and I have had a worse cold than has hit me for a long, long time! Such is life.

Leo was at the docs today as he hasn’t really eaten all week, the doc wasn’t worried though. She does seem to think his throat was a bit sore.

Whilst he was there, we asked her to check out his eyes. Mum noticed a slight squint a few weeks ago and I have just been obsessed with it ever since so thought it was worth a check. She has referred him to a specialist as she said she isn’t qualified to deal with that type of thing.

The house really feels like home, regardless of the lack of work done this week! Having the space is so relaxing, it’s amazing we lasted so long!

We’re in!

We moved into our new home on Saturday, it’s bloody brilliant! Leo slept like a log on Saturday night, but has coughed his way through the night ever since.. Ah!

It’s so amazing having our own space finally, somewhere we can really personalise and make our own. The only problem is that every waking hour I have, which is currently about 19 a day, my mind is racing with ideas. I don’t get to do anything thinking about it at work actually, so that takes the figure down by 7 hours.. But still, if I happen to wake in the night, even if Leo isn’t coughing, I’m awake then with my mind buzzing!

To make the logistics of picking up the can work, we cycled into Manchester on Friday. It’s been over 2 years since I last got on my bike and I loved it. It’s basically impossible to do more times than not due to nurse commitments, but that’s just how it is and we will do it whenever possible. Leo was going to stay at grandma’s sometimes in the week, but it’s just not possible whilst he’s coughing all the time. I don’t feel like it’s fair on mum to expect her to sit up all night with him.

It’s Wednesday today, so managed an early gym session. I’ve forgotten everything I need and lost the end of earphones, so not really the morning I wanted.. But I’m here!