The curse of insomnia

One thing having a baby has done for me is create me a problem I never imagined I would have; Insomnia.  It is possibly the most frustrating thing you could go through that isn’t chronic pain or illness… Its like a slow torture; just you, the darkness and your racing mind.

Its not the breastfeeding time that has caused it as that at least had a structure to it, its been the night coughing that has done it.  We were doing so well, I think we managed at least 3 weeks without coughing and I had managed to get myself sleeping around 5 – 6 hours straight without stirring.

Alas, the latest cold has come with a cough in tow so its back to shift work between us.  The only problem there is that the cough wakes me up regardless of whether or not I am on shift.  We started with a great night tonight, he slept soundly from 18:30 to 00:01 without a peep and then his coughing started and I am on the midnight to 03:00 shift.  I had to get him out and sit him up for a bit whilst I was covered in Olbas, this really soothes him.  Unfortunately, there was plenty of brain fodder just sitting and waiting to be unleashed in the night and now I just cannot get back to sleep.  I have got up to have some toast and write this post instead.

We are potentially going to have bought a house by the end of this month if all goes to plan and that has given me huge amounts of exciting things to think about. I don’t get time to think about them in the day as I am so busy, so they occupy the time between attending to Leo and working.. that basically is sleep time!


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