Finding the rhythm

I really feel like I’m starting to get back to grips with working. I’m way off being on form, but progress is progress no matter how small.

Diet is still not great, but considerably better than it was and I’m starting to remember the little tricks that I used when I first started cleaning up my act. The key this time is to not expect to be straight back to where I was latterly and really appreciate the process again, understanding it will come good soon is a requirement right now.

As a family I feel like we have also got a good rhythm going. Leo’s nagging cough has basically gone, which is a huuuge weight off our shoulders. It hasn’t gone if we aren’t at home though, so I am keen to keep hold of our referral and run all the information past a specialist.

We had a great weekend, we spent a very soggy Saturday watching my boss racing rally cars. Leo was unperturbed by the rain, and as always, was engrossed in the activities around him from his carrier vantage point.

Sunday we went off supporting Tom at a local duathlon. He did amazingly well, despite any lack of training focus at all! We were very proud and Leo loved it all once again

Leo’s ‘I’m loving it’ face

Of course, one of the best progressions in my life right now is being back on track with my fitness. My pain is very limited now and I can start to actually do stuff that makes me sweat. Bliss!! Now all we need to do is move house and destroy our new found flow mojo!


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