Sanitiser success

Bath in a bucket, why not!

We had a weekend in Lincolnshire this weekend, we set off on Saturday morning after a great, cough free night at home.  Good journey down without any baby related drama and Ma was very pleased to see us.  Leo was really quite shy and had his best disapproving face on!

Come night time, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough.. pretty much every 1 to 1.5hrs throughout the night.  This was exactly the same on the Sunday night too and then we came home Monday morning and last night back in his own room, not a peep.

It has got to be some sort of airborne irritant causing swelling in his throat and then the cough.  Its more than just a coincidence that it has happened twice now, at least we know it was money well spent and I have some great information to go to the paediatrician with. I am definitely going to push for allergy testing now.

Enjoying the Sun in Ma’s yard

Adventure time

Mardy baby cuddles

There was a Sausage a Cider festival in Bourne over the weekend, they also had love music so we thought we better pay a visit! Leo loved the sausages and the music, so much so he even decided to do a bit of walking practice.

Absorbed by a bit of folk!


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