I’m running out of titles

Due to the fact that every single post I write is to do with Leo couching, I’ve run out of title ideas!

We had to take it in turns to sit up with him last night otherwise he coughed. It makes no sense, he is no more upright on us than he is in his cot (massively propped up) yet he coughs almost instantly when he is in it. New sheets, washed in exactly what we wash our clothes in too. It just makes no sense and it worries me more and more every time.

I am thinking now that it’s something like asthma, there is a type called cough variant asthma and he fits all the symptoms. The problem is, it’s basically impossible to diagnose in tiny children and they don’t like to treat it as it consists of steroids daily. Brilliant

My other concern is that his digestion just isn’t right. Massive explosive poops since Sunday, even though nothing gas changed in his diet. I am worried it’s a formula issue that has built up but if course it could just be whatever virus has him currently. I just want my little man to be well and I want Tom and I to be able to get some consistent sleep. This has been going on for far too long


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