That’s an experience I don’t wish to repeat

We had to take Leo back into hospital on the Tuesday afternoon as we were just weren’t happy about his progress, they kept him there overnight again for observation. We came home again on Wednesday night and had to go back in Thursday morning to be checked over an discharged.

He still fighting through it all, his throat is still clearly sore and his little voice is quite hoarse still. He struggled a bit last night and Tom got up with him a few times.  He was obviously in pain but getting painkillers into him now is such a fight, I absolutely hate forcing him to take them.  We have mixed it in with his fruit puree from time to time and that worked and we also have a dispenser dummy that worked a couple of times but we are running out of options now and forcing him just feels so wrong, its so sad.

I took him out in the car this morning and he was so unhappy with being put in the car, you could tell that it was fear of not wanting to go back to hospital.  I just cuddled him for a bit a eventually he went in, we just nipped up the road to town and had a little wheel around the shops.  This seemed to perk him up and he had a good play before his nap.  He is still struggling with his milk and choking, but he managed some pasta yesterday which is huge progress as he has only been eating fruit puree for the past week.

He’s on the mend, but has a long way to go.  I feel that he has been left with emotional scars from the experience, how could he not be?  But the important thing is that he knew we were there with him throughout it all.


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