Another first missed

We were all set to take Leo to his first festival today, but as seems to be the theme for us, we had to cancel because he’s so poorly.

He has been fairly unhappy all day, not really touched his food and just uncomfortable in general. His naps haven’t been very restful either unfortunately. He didn’t even managed a trip into Knutsford to grab some food and he loves going in the trolley.

I hate that he has missed out on so much and has basically missed any birthday weekend plans we had. I’m so glad we managed a little outing on his actual birthday day. We aren’t going to be defeated though, I will carry those birthday banners around with us everywhere until we manage to throw a party for him!

It’s currently 1.15 am and my section of the night shift. He’s very restless and keeps thrashing around in pain. I can’t get comfortable as the last few days has sadly taken its toll on my back, when it was doing so well. Fun times

Stupidly, I have been sat looking at everyone’s pictures of amazing weekend action they’ve had with their kids in the sun and it’s really upset me. I know Leo’s health could be 100 times worse, but it could also be a shit tonne better. I think we have all done our time and effort with illness now, I feel it’s robbing us all of so much now and there is chuff all I can do about it. I think every time I post on here he is ill and I post a lot


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