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Smiling because I get cuddles!

Today’s illness has been brought to you by viral tonsillitis! Another trip to the out of hours service and some numbing throat spray later, hopefully the little man can get some relief.

He started drooling and being a bit grizzly yesterday, I found it strange as he has never really been dribbly when teething, but against my better judgement I decided I was just being paranoid. Surely he hadn’t got something else wrong with him.

Last night was up there in competition for the top spot as far as bad nights go. He was so unhappy and nothing touched whatever was bothering him. Still drooling away this morning, but a bit happier than the day before so I didn’t bother calling hehe out of hours service. He then proceeded to vomit twice, from the amount of drool he was swallowing I guess and just got worse. Off to A&E we go.

We got referred to a pediatrician and he gave us the spray. Let’s hope the lat Sr virus leaves him alone soon! We have plans tomorrow, so it’s not surprising he’s ill


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