Huel powered

Whilst I was planning my return to work and exercising in my lunch break, I was faced with the fact I needed to find something quick and nutritious that I could eat in my way back from the gym, as I could take an hour then sit down and eat and I wanted to maximise my gum time.

After trying a few things I decided nothing was quite what I wanted and kept looking. I then remembered a while ago, Tom was telling me about a product someone had created that could replace every single meal in your day. It was exactly the correct balance of vitamins and minerals that your body needed, but it was American based only. Not to worry, there is now a UK equivalent called Huel and it is actually pretty tasty and it’s incredible how satisfied you feel after having it.

What I have also found is that it takes the extra time, effort and thought process out of meal prep in the week. Tom has taken to having it for breakfast too. It also has the added benefit of working out at about £1.35 a meal!

After reviewing our unacceptable ability to waste fresh food, I decided today that we were going to just have this for all of our meals in the week and then it frees our evenings up to. Leo had all of his meals in nursery and I can have snack items in the house for him that don’t perish quickly.

We will see how it goes, but giving us the exact nutrition a body requires for under £4 a day each, whilst stripping down our food waste and freeing up our time together then it’s a no brainer!


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