Poor babe

Merrily playing

Friday night he was plagued by a fever that meant he couldn’t settle, Tom and I worked our shift work magic and this morning it had passed.

He clearly wasn’t right all day, lots of dribbling and refusing to eat, but being amazing as usual.

Saturday night he was clearly struggling even more. He kept waking, screaming, so cuddle shifts once more.

He also seems to have a fungal nappy rash to add to his discomfort, not a nice addition at all.

We decided to go to the out of hours GP yesterday morning and thank god we did. His left ear drum was on the verge of bursting, so, more antibiotics here we come. In addition to that though, he has what looks like hand, foot and mouth disease so no wonder his opting for nil by mouth.

Last night was disrupted and a couple of times he woke up screaming and settling him was tough. He woke at 1.30 on my shift and we just cuddled until 3, he was wide awake but just chilling on me in a number of different rooms in the dark, which of course was just lovely! It’s a shame it’s at the expense of his health.

He’s been at home with daddy looking after him today and all has gone well. He still isn’t that keen on food but plenty of fluid has gone down, which is what I worry about.

I’m off for a sports massage, I have horrific nerve pain shooting down both legs for some reason! This should ease it then I have physio on Wednesday.. And it goes on!


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