Leo has seemed so much better the last couple of nights, his cough has really died down. He’s got nasty nappy rash from a missed poop at nursery, but other than that he’s been great.

I actually managed some decent sleep last night too, things are looking up…… Until just now, I took Leo’s temp as he felt warm and it’s almost 39 degrees. I was out with him and thought he was warm, assumed it was his teeth though as he wasn’t being grouchy but took his temp when I got home anyway, clearly it isn’t his teeth.

There is a nasty cold going around nursery apparently, I guess it’s that. That should knock him back for another few weeks and if it goes to his chest, as all things seem to, then who knows when we’ll all get another good night hey!

Plus side, my back has felt tonnes better for the break; minus side, Sammy decided to attack the next door neighbours dog through the fence and I fell a right cropper trying to get him back, back is once again returned to fucked status.

Pretty perfect really


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