I have MISSED this

Today is what all standard workers lovingly refer to as hump day. For me, these lovely Wednesdays are my super productive day.

It’s the day I do an 11 hour shift to make up my hours, I go to the gym before work and have a good 1.5hr session. Currently I can only do low intensity stuff, but damn I have missed it.

I have done a workout in both my lunch hours for the past two days and they aren’t long enough, but I’m taking them and when I can start pushing it then I will achieve much more from a quick HITT session.

This morning I started my day at 3.30 when I woke up to a sleeping baby. He’d not moved since 10 the night before and obviously I then had to go in and check him. He was fine, sleeping really heavily, but so much better! Obviously at this point my brain kicked in to all the stuff I needed to do today and things I hadn’t done already.. Sleep was a thing dreams are made of at this point, so I got up properly.

I have no doubt that today is going to be tough and I will my beautiful boy horrendously as he will also be snoozing when I get home! But I am back on it and I love it!


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