We are out!

Unless you live on a different planet, you will have at least some awareness of the EU referendum that has just run in the UK. I was surprised that the majority went with out to say the least, I thought we were more a nation terrified of change than anything else. Sadly, I was wrong.

I say sadly, because what it has highlighted is that the majority of people voting out suffer from a severe cases of xenophobia. There are plenty of people that have voted out that do not suffer this affliction, that I am sure of, but for my current thought it is the worst case of voters that have shocked me.

I for one voted out. I spent hours trawling through arguments for and against, I struggled to see fact and useful information in any camp.

The marketing was scare mongering for votes at its finest, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been shocked by the outcome really. Riling the masses is incredibly easy when there is a big, obvious button to press.

In the end, I felt that as a country, we are strong and capable, and having power back in our hands would benefit all of our futures. Trade won’t stop, agreements will be struck to keep everything flowing, we are too useful a country to not be traded with. I do however feel that I voted without full disclosure, something that made me uncomfortable at the time and in hindsight I wish I hadn’t voted at all, as it was touch and go for me. I know that seems ignorant, but is it right to vote for something you are unsure of when it’s such a huge thing?

The future is unknown; rightly or wrongly I am now choosing to focus on facts that come through as and when they do, deal with situations that arise and stay positive.

All views written in the post are my own and in no way do they reflect the stance of my employer.


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