It was cupcake day on Thursday, in aid of The Altzheimers society. I have been furiously making cakes and buttercream whenever I had chance whilst Leo sleeps, or whilst he’s managed to entertain himself by emptying out ALL the kitchen cupboards.

Baking isn’t something I’ve ever spent much time on and I have never made cupcakes, so I’m pretty impressed with what I achieved today. I got them all decorated this morning too, not up to a particularly high standard but good enough. I perfected the cake mix and the buttercream over time and the last batch definitely stood out as the most impressive. I even surprised myself and went off piste, freestyle on the last lot. I am unlike me! The finest ones being lemon and ginger, beautiful.

Anyway, it was a fairly quiet affair and we still raised £130 with a few more donations pending. I’m really glad I did it, the quitter/perfectionist in me would’ve not bothered in the past but I am trying to make myself into an inspirational role model for my son. Proud of myself.


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