Poorly everyone!

This weekend has been a toughy. I started to lose my voice on Thursday, I felt OK, just croaky.

Friday the feeling rough kicked in and I was looking down the barrel of a very long weekend as Tom was going away on a stag do and Leo is still coughing like a trooper. In true amazing Tom style, he did offer to stay home, but it is his best friend Reuben’s stag do and he is also the wonderful person who did our wedding ceremony for us so holds a special place in our hearts.

There was a chance Leo would happily sleep, but that was just a pipe dream. To make it worse, when Leo was snoozing I couldn’t get to sleep for coughing. I’ve managed scraps of sleep over the weekend, basically the worst thing possible when you feel shitty anyway. Mum took Leo for me yesterday afternoon so I could sleep, I managed an hour before coughing up a lung. Better than nothing though.

Leo decided 3.30 was the best time to get up today, so here we are.


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