Spotty, happy and coughing like a trooper

Unfortunately, getting a picture of the spots with my camera phone is basically impossible. They’re all over the place and look like tiny little freckles. He’s still pretty happy in himself but is coughing every time we even threaten to put him down to sleep.

The shift rota is on going, this morning when Tom handed over at 3am, Leo thought he better get up. I spent about 20 mins ignoring him and just rocking, he chilled out merrily but just kept slapping me in the face! I gave up in the end and got up with him, he was ready for a snack and snooze 20 mins later so he was back sleeping and about 4.15 and coughed his way through to 7!

It’s insanely tough looking after a poorly child, even one as easy as Leo. Add to it the fact that he has been poorly pretty much constantly since February and it becomes even harder. My main concern is him obviously, but a close second is our mental as physical wellbeing as parents because this is crucial to being good parents! It’s a good job we work so well as a team, it makes the long broken nights bearable. That and the fact we get endless baby cuddles!

We had some progress tonight, Leo made it to 11.30 without coughing, so at least we managed a couple of unbroken hours. I’m now starting with a sore chest and cough, just what I need when Tom is away all weekend on a stag do so no helpful shifts!


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