We’ve upgraded

This hand is far too small for this!

We are in hospital this morning! After a very restless night, I noticed Leo’s rash was much worse on face and neck and wasn’t blanching. I decided not to mess about and took him straight to accident and emergency.

They aren’t overly concerned about anything above nipple height as this can be attributed to coughing or vomiting, but on further inspection we found some on his legs and groin that wouldn’t blanch either. We are currently waiting for the results of his heel prick test to come through, if nothing abnormal on that then he can go and just monitor closely. If the results are abnormal, then he has to have an IV blood test done and further tests done to rule out meningitis and septicaemia.

He’s fairly bright in himself, has just wolfed down a bowl full of weetabix and is now snoozing on a massive hospital bed, so we have every hope pinned on him seeming well other than this and his cough. I’m choosing to not even entertain a thought other than this


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