We’re becoming regulars!

I think we need our own permanent slot at the docs! Leo had a rash come up yesterday and I was tonnes worse this morning. Tiny little pin pricks all over his torso, legs, feet and bottom. So small in fact, that I can’t get a decent picture on my phone.

I decided I was too bothered by it to leave it so made an emergency appointment. Post viral kind of thing they reckon, but his right ear drum is a bit dark as well as this phlegmy cough, so just got to see how he goes. He’s great in himself, the cough wakes us up through the night, but we’ve worked out a pretty good team plan that deals with that and allows us to get just about enough rest to survive!

I’m at the docs next week for a follow up on the blood test I have had for my hand pains. I’m pretty sure it’s arthritis, you can see the knuckle joint is getting really big. I’m not sure if they can do anything to slow down the progression. I sincerely hope so, or I’m going to be screwed by the time I’m 50!


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