Through a child’s eyes

Pressing buttons takes a lot of concentration

As Leo progresses in his abilities, it becomes more and more engrossing to watch him. I find myself being intrigued by what he is seeing in things we regard as simple, everyday items. He can spend serious time with them; passing them from hand to hand, turning them over and over, pressing them, putting them onto something and taking them off, throwing them around and just generally inspecting them from top to bottom.

Something that we see as repetitive and dull, holds a wealth of learning experiences for him and it’s beautiful and addictive.

I also realise that we take too much for granted in our adult lives and I wonder when it changed, when we stop being absorbed by all the amazing things around us. I mentioned this to Tom and he did point out that we don’t have the time to do this with everything we come across, and it’s true, we don’t. However, I do believe that throughout all of childhood we have had the time and I don’t know when it stopped being interesting. I intend to take time to continue to view things through Leo’s eyes and appreciate the wonderment by proxy.


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