What have I signed myself up for!?

I saw that the Altzheimer’s society are running a fund raising scheme on the 16th June, you hold a cupcake day somewhere and people come and donate money to eat cake!

With it being a cause close the Burgin’s heart, I thought it would be a great idea to hold one. I didn’t think through the fact that I would have to bake them and decorate them of course. Artistic and baking talent isn’t something that comes naturally to me, add that to me being a perfectionist, it makes for a lot of unusable batches. Plus side being, we get to eat them all.

The main issue is the oven. Yes, I am blaming my tools, but in this instance, I have done some testing and it is the oven. It’s supposed to be a fan oven, renowned for their even cooking regardless of tray placement. I call bullshit on this oven for that, it categorically does not cook evenly. The ones at the back are cooked about 3 mins before those at the front. The conclusion I have drawn is that I can only cook two rows at a time instead of 3. As if it isn’t going to take me long enough as it is! And having to fit it in around housework, baby naps and baby entertaining is proving fun.. Not sure how on earth I will manage it when it comes to icing!

Oh well, it’s all for a good cause and I should have it nailed by the 16th!


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