Super sleeper

I think the fact that he has done it for 3 nights in a row, that makes it official. Leo is sleeping through the night. His bedtime is still somewhat a random affair since he has been well, currently reason unknown and I’d imagine it will remain an unknown forever; but that’s OK. We’ve learnt that that is pretty much a given for most things with babies and acceptance is the key to not getting het up about stuff.

When I woke up yesterday, he was merrily playing in his cot, no idea how long he had been doing that for but it was very cute.

When I think of the times I got told he should be sleeping through because he’s big enough, you shouldn’t be feeding him in the night just give him water, you shouldn’t be holding him when he’s poorly because he will get used to the cuddles.. I’m so glad I gave those comments the virtual finger, because we trusted in the little man and he’s done what he needs to and got where he wants to be when he’s ready. None of the preconceived adult notions, forcing him to do something we think he should.. Just a happy little pickle and two happy parents who trusted their instincts and their amazing little human



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