These things aren’t forever

Sunny day play

I’m getting used to Leo’s disrupted sleep now, as bad as that sounds, I’ve just accepted that we have got to roll with it. I’m taking him to the doctor again today to get this cough properly investigated, but from an ‘I’m stressed that this is disrupting his sleep forever’ perspective; I’ve accepted that it is doing and all we can do is help him through and support each other.

I think what makes being a parent tougher than it needs to be, is all of these so called experts telling you how to fix things. This immediately implies that your child is a problem unless totally text book. When I am doing something and catch myself worrying that we are making a problem for ourselves further down the line i.e. bouncing him to sleep after a coughing fit, I just tell myself that if the Internet and books didn’t exist, then this is what I would naturally be doing and how I would naturally meet my child’s needs and this immediately takes out the stress.

His latest little trick is not going to sleep at 7. Reasons unknown, but he’s such a happy little cutie that we are just riding it out and doing things to help him wind down the at night. Sitting and reading to him whilst rocking and cuddling seems to be how he’s liking it done right now, so that’s what we are doing. It’s really lovely family time too.

The last few days of sunshine have been amazing, it’s so nice to be able to have Leo out playing and not wearing tonnes of clothes!

Fishpie fun!
Cuddles with grandma she-she
The boys and their pa


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