I need a plan

I’m sick of feeling flabby and unfit now. It’s been really apparent whilst the weather has been good as I’ve had to get my flabby arms and legs out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m massively fat because I’m not, I just need some tone back in my life. It’s been hard with my back being bad and Leo’s sleeps being so disrupted, as I can’t do much whilst he’s sleeping as sometimes I can only get him to sleep on me.

I’m restricted as to what I can do cardio wise because of my back and my back being bad also severely restricts what baby weight stuff I can do. However, doing nothing is not the answer. I need to start stepping it up so that I can get into the gym groove as soon as I am back in work.

I feel like the lack of strength work is what’s causing me the ongoing problem, so I need to plan my attack and fit it in where I can. Leo’s latest thing is not wanting to go to sleep at 7, so it’s unlikely I will fit it in at night. Walking is great for it and fitting that in is slightly easier, as I can take him out when he is due a sleep, as for the rest of it, it will need to be as and when.

I used to do lots of yoga stretching and toning as part of my training, and this is where I plan on starting again. I need to refocus, start recording everything again and generally get back in the swing of things. I’ve loved letting it slide for a while, but enough is enough now! Tom has bought me a fitbit alta and I love my stats, so that’s a good refocus if ever there was one. I’m also going to take pictures and measurements as this always keeps me grounded.

Cake anyone? 😉


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